Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Day in the Indiana Life

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Hello girls!

My name is Megan, and I'm a seventeen year old high school senior living in northwest Indiana, near Chicago. I'm hoping to go into the Women's Ministry program at Moody Bible Institute next fall. I love to read, play the flute, and sing. But most of all I love the Lord!

Here was my Wednesday:

I woke up to my iHome playing the Starfield song "Everything is Beautiful" around 5:45 AM. Fifteen minutes and two snoozes later, I turned the light on and the alarm off. Unfortunately, I fell asleep again. I had a very realistic dream about getting ready in the morning, and woke up about twenty minutes later. I threw on some jeans and a hoodie, gulped down some cranberry grape juice, and ran out to catch the bus with my two younger sisters, Ashley and Amanda. The leaves are amazingly beautiful right now, and after all of the wind in the past few days many of them are on the ground. They were too dark to see that early in the morning, but to me the fallen leaf smell is just as good.

School was rather uneventful. I went through pre-calculus, sat in the nurse's office as an aide and listened to them discuss the swine flu vaccines with anxious parents, and finished up my French homework in study hall. Sometime in there I also opened my Bible (which comes with me everywhere) to today's reading: a very underlined 1 Peter. I especially noticed the verse that says "be clear minded and controlled so that you can pray." Sometimes I have such trouble praying, and there's a good tip! At lunch I sat by myself and continued reading Tolkien's The Two Towers for the zillionth time (I find the Frodo and Sam part boring, so instead of reading the book in chronalogical order I switch between the two sections every other chapter). Then I had government class.

After school was the first pep band rehearsal of the year! My school has an amazing basketball pep band. We play lots of fun, rather challenging, well known songs. My friend Cassi has finally agreed to join with me, which makes it even better!

When we got home I was rather disappointed when the mail contained nothing more then the usual flow of college mail. I had been expecting a letter from the guy I am seeing, who is at college as a Bible and Music Composition major. Oh, well- tomorrow, right? Dinner tonight was meatloaf, something I really just can't stand, so I warmed up some canned beef stew. My parents and I enjoy watching episodes of The West Wing sometimes, so we took forty minutes or so to do that before it was time to get ready for Bible study. My mom leads my youngest sister's junior high small group while the middle sister and myself attend the high school study. My youth pastor had a class tonight (he's close to finishing his Masters) so a young man who graduated from our group in 2005 came and spoke to us about his mission trip to Swaziland. Then he told some of us a story about an experiance he had with healing the sick while in Peru a few years ago.

Often after Bible study a group of us with cars (or friends with cars) drive out to Dairy Queen for a while. I went with one of my closest friends, Caroline, and her brother. He is a freshman and turning out to be quite the little man of God! I'm very proud of him so far. We didn't buy ice cream, but we sat for a while, catching up. Caroline braided my hair, which made me smile- I love when people play with my hair. We discussed our plans for the upcoming weekend as we drove back to church and waited for my dad to come and pick me up.

Upon arriving home I sat down to the computer to write this blog post, and after I am finished I will put on some cozy pajamas, set out the things to make my lunch in the morning, and snuggle under my many blankets for the night. Just to have a relatively simple night like tonight was such a blessing- to see His creation, see and be encouraged by my Christian friends, hear stories of His power, and now to share it with all of you!

Goodnight and God bless from Indiana!


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  1. Hi Megan! I'm Megan too, and I love to read and sing, but I utterly failed at flute playing. LOL! Thanks for writing about your day!